First & Last

Wednesday, August 16, 2017.  That’s today’s date.  It’s the first day of the new school year!  I love my job and the first day of school is always an exciting time.  Every year it’s the same.  Summer ends and we return to our classrooms to set up and prepare.  Then the first day comes and it all falls into place.  New kids, fresh supplies, exciting ideas.  Lots of fun and potential for both the students and myself. This year was the same.  Well, for the most part.  In addition to the usual changes of new students, new procedures, and new … Continue reading First & Last

Ketchup Vol.1

Hey!  So, I re-entered the blogging world and then promptly disappeared for 2 weeks.  I guess that’s what I get for rebooting the blog right before a week-long vacation and then when we return back to school to prep for the new year.  Oh well.  Worry  not though dear readers, I’m still here. So, part of opening Droscheland back up to blogging, for me at least, is to catch up with what’s been going on since August of 2015.  2 whole years.  I mean, that’s a long time and a crap ton of stuff has happened.  Don’t worry though, I’m … Continue reading Ketchup Vol.1

Beautiful On the Inside?

Well, a few days ago we finally decided to start tackling the conversion of our still yet-to-be-named van.  First things first, we had to open the side and back doors.  Sounds like something simple, right?  Wrong.  See, as I’ve mentioned before, the van is definitely a fixer upper.  That’s fine, but it does mean that we have to deal creatively with some of her quirks.  First up: doors with no inner connections to the handles. Luckily, and unbelievably, I do have some slight experience with door locks.  Say what?!  See, the one time Jackson accidentally closed the trunk of Amy’s … Continue reading Beautiful On the Inside?

We Bought a Van

Yes.  A van. But not your typical “Soccer Mom” minivan.  This is a cargo van.  A giant, diesel engine cargo van. I know what you’re thinking.  WHY?!  Well, it’s somewhat of a long story, but I’ll attempt to make it short(ish).  You know (or not if you’re new) that we love to camp.  But after a horrible camping trip 4ish years ago we realized that we don’t necessarily like to tent camp.  Especially in bad weather, i.e. hot, rainy, windy, too cold, etc.  You get the point.  So we bought our first camper, a popup, and you can read about … Continue reading We Bought a Van